Resources for Faculty

Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding

Georgia Tech is interested in establishing relationships with high-caliber international institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and other cooperative activities. Most of these partnerships are initiated by individual faculty members. Most agreements fit into one of two broad categories:

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
This is a general statement of cooperation between the two institutions. It is typically used to establish a general relationship for cooperation between two institutions or as an initial agreement that is intended to lead to future, detailed agreements for dual degrees, for collaborative research, for exchanges, or for other partnership activities.
Exchange Programs
A bilateral exchange is a formal agreement between Georgia Tech and a foreign university. One Tech student will be able to study at the host university for a full semester or academic year in exchange for one student from the partner university studying at Tech for an equivalent period of time.

For all international agreements, the Office of International Education or the vice provost for International Initiatives will work with the Tech faculty, the institution abroad, and Tech's Office of Legal Affairs on the specifics of the agreement. All such agreements must be signed by the provost or president and the officials at the institution abroad.  Contact Amy Henry, executive director of International Education, for information on best contacts to start the process of establishing linkage agreements.