Guiding Principles for International Initiatives

Guiding Principles for International Initiatives

Something we want to do.
  • An international initiative should enhance our academic activities.  It should enhance the student experience, advance Georgia Tech's existing strategic goals in our research, academic, capacity building and/or economic development missions and be fully consistent with institutional principles and policies.

  • Before engaging in an international activity, a clear and concise answer to the following questions must be articulated: "What is the value proposition?  What is it that this initiative enables us to do that would not be possible without it?  What are the benefits to the Atlanta campus and to the State of Georgia?"


Something we can do well.
  • The initiative must have a strong leader/advocate (preferably a faculty member), as well as institutional support (School, Dean, International Initiatives and campus leadership).

  • It must follow an articulated strategy and plan, have appropriate objectives, budget, and deliverables.

  • It must emphasize longer-term partnership and commitments, over short-term, one-off initiatives.  We should not outsource research and educational delivery.

  • Institutional partners must be of a high caliber so that the partnership reflects and enhances the Institute commitment to the highest quality.  

  • The initiative must be consistent with Georgia Tech's values, principles, and policies, address political and social sensitives and ensure open access to all.


Something that brings clear benefits and minimizes risks.
  • It should expand our competencies and capabilities in ways that would not be possible without the international initiatives.

  • It should leverage our existing hubs (Lorraine and Shenzhen) and not create opportunities that compete with them.

  • It should start small, establishing proof of concept before jumping into large scale and risky initiatives (crawl, walk, run).

  • A physical facility is not a pre-requisite to creating a presence.
  • Assess and minimize risks: financials, reputational, export/HR/legal, intellectual property, safety, ...


Something that is resource- and opportunity- positive.
  • The proposed initiative should be financially and intellectually sustainable, self-supporting, faculty-driven, and net-resource, and opportunity-positive to others on the Atlanta campus. It should be viewed through the lens of ROI in terms of financial and time.  It should not only protect but also enhance the GT brand.