Georgia Tech is a truly global Institute!

Georgia Tech is engaged all over the world in research, education, innovation, and economic development. It is truly a global leader among the world's technological research universities.

Georgia Tech's vision is to define the technological research university of the 21st century and educate the leaders of a technologically driven world. In a global context, that means:

  • prepare our students for leadership roles in a highly connected world that routinely engages people of different cultures, languages, and beliefs;
  • reach out to key global research, academic, industry, and alumni partners;
  • establish a world-wide network that attracts the best students, faculty, and research partners and corporate sponsors to all of our campuses, and in particular to the Atlanta campus;
  • facilitate and develop opportunities for Tech not available in Atlanta alone;
  • internationalize the Atlanta campus by providing education, research, and extracurricular activities that are internationally focused.

We are pursuing this vision outside of the U.S. in a number of ways: